When she's catching waves on her board, Joss is all in, one hundred percent—until her brother dares her to try something new.

Joss: touch the sky


When her cheer team needs a new flyer, Joss steps up to the challenge. But after a scary wipeout, will she lose her nerve?

Nanea: Legend of the Shark Goddess


It's 1941 in Honolulu, and Nanea has tried to follow the new wartime rules. But Mano—a slippery boy whose name means “shark“—has not. Can she keep her family safe from this dangerous boy? 

Nanea: Prints in the Sand


Travel back to World War Two to meet Nanea! Will you help her send secret messages to aid the war effort? Learn to hula dance? Or help a lost dog find his way home? Your choices lead the way through this multiple-ending story.

Melody: Music in my heart


Travel back to the 1960s to meet Melody! Will you join her in standing up for civil rights? Or in singing backup for a Motown musician? Your choices chart your path through this multiple-ending story. 

Samantha: The Lilac Tunnel


Travel back to 1904 to meet Samantha! Will you live the life of a hard-working servant or of a wealthy young girl? You decide—your choices determine your path through this multiple-ending story.

Into the spotlight


Imagine that you just started dance. Will you be as graceful as your friends, or will you follow a beat of your own? Your choices could lead to scary moments onstage OR to a standing ovation. More than 20 endings! 

braving the lake


Imagine that you're terrified to swim in the lake. When you get teased, do you stand strong? Depending on your choices, you could end up in deep water OR standing on solid ground. More than 20 endings!